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Why I Track Everything I Eat

37 weeks. That’s my calorie counting streak for this year. No, I’m not obsessed with my body, nor do I have an eating disorder. I eat healthy for the most part, some days I lose myself in a chocolate cake. I eat. I enjoy it. And I do it guilt free because I track everything I eat.

Tracking my calories allows me to make informed decisions about what I put in my body. It keeps me honest. Each time I open my app to log my food, it’s a reminder of my healthy living progress and goals. It takes minutes a day and it has changed my life for the better. By regularly inputting my foods I have a better sense of the types of foods that fit my calorie limits and lifestyle. This knowledge is power.

By understanding the right protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios to consume, along with types of foods that keep me full, I can make room for those treats I love, in moderation of course.

Yes, this month I had chocolate chips cookies and milk nearly every evening and I lost weight. And believe me, the only thing that makes eating chocolate chip cookies and milk even better is eating them guilt free.

Calorie counting is a tool that reinforces positive behavior which helps you to keep your goals top of mind, any tool that does this is a good one. The challenge I face with calorie counting is the judgement that comes along with it. Yes, I do it to look good, but it’s much more than just losing weight and looking good - It’s about making better decisions and working towards a goal.

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