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What is Calorie Counting?

The strategy behind weight loss is simple. Consume less calories than you burn. Its sounds easy right – work out, eat healthy and you should lose weight right?

The reality is that most people underestimate how much they actually eat and overestimate the benefits of working out. The end result? Frustration. Frustration that after all your hard work you aren’t losing weight.

Logging the food you eat and the calories you consume is known as calorie counting and is the best way for you to get an accurate understanding of how many calories you are consuming. Thanks to calorie counting apps like Poundaweek, you can search or scan the food you eat, and the app will automatically let you know how many calories you are consuming.

Calorie counting is not about depriving yourself – it’s about getting a better sense of your eating habits.

Poundaweek is an app that focuses on healthy weight loss – one pound at a time. Each week it adjusts your calories based on your previous week’s progress. You aren’t just counting calories aimlessly. Poundaweek guides you to find the right balance of calories consumed versus calories burned.

Each week its gives you a calorie goal for you to drop one pound – if you drop the weight that’s great! If you don’t’ don’t worry; the app works to get you on the right track. Poundaweek monitors your progress and lets you calorie count without leaving you in the dark.

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