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I Lost One Pound Every Week for 26 Weeks

I was the typical gym junkie who thought if I lifted enough weights and ran long enough on a treadmill that I wouldn’t have to worry about how much I ate - I was wrong. 

I could not out exercise my diet. I decided to take the scientific approach and started counting calories last year.

My before and after picture, 26 weeks apart:

Key Points I learned:

  • To lower your body fat percentage you have to lose weight
  • To lose weight you have to limit how many calories you eat and how much of those calories should be coming from carbs, fat or protein
  • To keep losing weight you have to continually adjust the amount of calories you eat, along with amount of carbs, fat and protein
  • Progress takes time, consistency and should be measured on a weekly basis. The body does a lot of weird things over the course of a week, water retention, bloating, etc that can make you unmotivated if you step on the scale everyday, but if you look at your weight trends over the same day at the same time every week you will be a lot happier.

I wanted an app to automate all of the above for me, I didn't find anything, so I made it myself.

Coming soon to Apple iOS, follow this blog below to get notified as soon as it’s available.

The app is designed to keep you on track to lose a pound a week, by automatically adjusting your calories, protein, carb and fat goals every week. It takes your progress from previous weeks into consideration as well as any fitness activity data you may have synced to Google Fit.

Why 1 pound a week? I found that if I lost too much weight too fast I would plateau and it was more difficult for me to continue losing weight. Also the slower I lost weight the less impact it had on my strength, 1 lb a week is the sweet spot.

Most of my results came from my knowing how much to eat to lose weight, that being said, you should still exercise to build/retain muscle. My exercise routine is based around lifting as heavy as I can without sacrificing form for 4-6 reps and 4-5 sets per exercise.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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